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Clan Rules

1. First and foremost there is absolutely no cheating whatsoever! This includes playing with modders standbying circle boosting or bridging. If you are caught doing this you will be removed from WPX immediately and not welcome to come back. Things like super bounces button glitches and triple welding are allowed. 3 Strikes and you are out of WPX.  All strikes will go away every 6 months

2. There is to be absolutely no trash talking in matchmaking games This includes Teabags! If you are caught, depending upon the severity of the infraction, you will be removed or demoted in rank! Motto must say WPX (Your Current Rank)Squad name ex: WPX PRIVATE Dead Zone  There should be no Emblem changing, once you put on a WPX emblem you are representing WPX

3. Racism, discrimination of any kind I.E. (age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, skill, rank, etc&hellip or sexual harassment is also grounds for removal.  When someone says stop you stop, do not continue bothering that person.We are equal opportunity gamers and we expect you to be as well! Before kicking someone from the clan there must be a trial, must take at least 3 higher ups colonel and higher to kick someone from WPX  All complaints must be submitted through a leader. After this a face to face sit down will take place. (note: must give names and proof)

4. We hold ourselves and our community to high standards and expect you to as well. Present yourself to other gamers in a professional manner when online and playing. Must be respectful to all Community members, Leaders and fellow gamers. (note: You are representing WPX) 

5. Before you are able to have an WPX tag you must obtain the rank of Sergeant. You should not have an WPX gamer tag before then. If you make one we will not allow it into any of our communities until you have achieved the rank of Sergeant. Must have "mic" To advance to Sergeant.

6. Show respect to your community members. Every person in this community deserves EQUAL respect If you show respect you will receive it in return. Must be respectful to all Community members, Leaders and fellow gamers. ( note: You are representing WPX )

7. If a higher up sends you a party invite they need to speak with you. So when you are done with the game you are to come immediately. These meetings normally don’t last very long so you should get it done and you can return to playing.

8. Don't ask your higher ranking officers for a promotion, they are watching your community involvement and when they feel it necessary for you to move up in the ranks of WPX they will promote you. No begging leaders to Boost. (note: No means No. But we will play with you. Begging or non-stop asking your commanding officers will be given a strike

9.No Recruit should be left to die, they should always receive invites, who knows, that recruit could be the future of WPX.

All members must follow the WPX Live Code of Conduct.. Any members caught violating those rules will be dealt with a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, being immediately removed from WPX. When someone is kicked from WPX that person is no longer allowed to be in any WPX events or WPX lobbies .  By joining WPX you also agree to give us your motto and ad our Web site's address to your motto should include the following community tag your rank and division  If you leave WPX for any reason what-so-ever, you will be stripped of your rank and position, and if you rejoin you will have to re-earn your original rank and position regardless of status (Your rank will be recruit when rejoining).

(note: We are not here to provide you with everything you want and need

Rules and Regulations of Leaving/Rejoining the clan:

When a member leaves for any reason, he/she will be stripped of their rank and position.

When a member joins back for any reason, he/she will be set back to recruit rank and have to re-earn their original rank and position regardless of status.

WPX Quick Rules 
1. No T-bagging
2. No disrespecting members or officers
3. Follow all orders given to you
4. Do not ask for a promotion
5.Do not trash talk other clans
6. Check the clan website at least twice a day
7. All WPX members are to enlist on the website
8. Only the leader and co leader can challenge a clan, accept a raid/battle, declare war,  and set-up or break alliances

1. No spawn killing
2. No kill boundaries
3. No hidden or despawing teleporters
4. Base must have an open door entrance
5. Matches must be 6vs6 or higher
6. Only members of the clan can take part in the fight (alliances are for wartime use only)
7. The base must be held for an hour to claim victory
8. Challenger always attacks, and challenged always defends
9. If the leader of a clan leaves the game for 20 minutes, that clan automatically forfeits
10. No kicking of players or it is an automatic forfeit

1. Always stand still when the game starts
2. Follow all orders given to you
3. Do not pick up a weapon or get into a vehicle unless authorized to do so
4. Go to where you are told to go
5. Do not disrespect any officers or members
6. Always ask for permission to speak, unless you are being spoken to directly
7. Do not shoot or hit members or officers
8. If you are misbehaving, you will be given a warning, then you will be removed from the game
9. Clan trainings will be at maximum: 2 hours Minimum: 45 minutes
10. Be respectful at all times

(note: We are not here to provide you with everything you want and need

Thank you For checking out our website see you all on the battlefield WPX

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