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Code of Conduct

WPX Code of Conduct

1. Registered names must be the same as your gamer tag. If not, your user name will be deleted and you will be required to register again.

2. You will display the utmost respect to everyone one this website.

Disagreements will occur, but please keep everything you say civil.

3. There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on creating multiple accounts. Using an account for the purpose of misleading others, misrepresenting any member, etc will have their account deleted immediately. Any person caught acting as another person using another user name or gaining access without permission will have their IP banned from this w ebsite.

4. The check box is an extra feature that we have had and a feature that will be included in this website; unfortunately it has been abused in the past. Every message sent is copied and will be read by the administrator; so, needless to say no cursing, trash talking or abusing it in any way! You will receive a warning for the first offense, and if it becomes a constant problem, you may very well end up banned from this website. Please note that spamming is not necessarily going to get you banned; however, it will get you there if you do it enough.

5. The forums are also going to change in the way they are run. Inflammatory ( flaming- for the purpose of getting an angry response from others ) , degrading, or cruel posts will not be tolerated. So please, act respectful and courteous.

6. Any attempts of, or gaining unauthorized administrator access to this website for any purpose will not be tolerated in any way, mean or form. Any individual(s) that do so will have legal action taken against him or her.

7. Please maintain a respectful and, as much as you can, a professional demeanor.

8. Members of other communities are welcome to join and register on this website! They are still required to adhere to the WPX Code of Conduct, including the Website Code of Conduct, when visiting our gaming community website.

9. Submitting any content onto this website, such as pictures, articles and posts unless said otherwise within 24 hours of submission on this website can be used by the members of WPX for any purpose. Any other copyrighted material(s) belong to their perspectives owner(s) and will be treated as such.

10. Any content on the website that is posted must be suitable (IE PG MATERIAL) for every member of the community to view. Swearing, graphic images, or poor behavior will be dealt with by a strong hand. So please keep it PG!

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