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Q. How do I get promoted?

A. Usually, after your first week in WPX you will be promoted one rank. In order to get promoted after this you have to play with the community and be active within community events such as tournaments and meetings. Another way to show your captain that you are serious is to recruit the more people you bring to the community: the more dedication you show the higher your rank will be. (P.S. If you ask to be promoted, you will not be promoted... seriously!)

Q.What is lock down?

A. Lock down is when your community can not send out any more community invites to anyone there are many reasons for this IE. (You have too many members and need to get them higher in the ranking structure or there is a potential danger of your community being hit). If your community goes on lock down all you have to do is ask your Commander & Chief as to the reason why you are on lock down and he/she will explain.

Q. Why do we have to have uniforms?

A. We use uniforms, both colors and icons, to keep order with in squads. The uniform helps let other member's know what squad you are in; along with what rank you hold. Each symbol stands for a certain rank as well as showing the uniqueness of your squad. To find out what the ranking structure looks like go to any Ranking Structure page.

Q. What does the community name stand for?

A. WPX stands for Wolf Pack Xtreme. Each community member and leaders have WPX in the beginning of it name not on the end for example, WPX is the gaming community, is the community within WPX . Each game that WPX plays might have a different setup for each individual community name, so ask your leader how it will be set up.

Q. Can I have a WPX Tag?

A. Yes, but not right away. You have to earn the right to hold a WPX tag. To earn this you must advance through the ranks and become a Sergeant. If you make an WPX tag before you have achieved the rank of Sergeant you will be demoted one rank and must continue to advance until you hold the right to. Until you are the rank of Sergeant, please don't waste your money and WAIT!

Q. Can I have multiple tags in the community?

A. No! You are to have one tag in WPX only CC's and higher should have multiple tags in WPX. If it is discovered that you have a second tag in WPX without permission from a CO, one of them will be removed immediately and there will be a possibility of you being removed from WPX as well..

Q. Can I be in WPX and another gaming community?

A. No! This is not allowed for any reason! You can not be in another gaming community. All persons that are in WPX as well as another gaming community will have to either leave the other gaming community, or leave this one. You are needed here in here at all times.

Q. Can I play with MODDERS/CHEATERS?

A. NO! NO! NO! We can not stress this enough we have a very strict no cheating policy. If you are caught playing with cheaters you are a cheater as well and will be removed from WPX immediately.

Have fun! This website is a resource for our gaming community, WPX! Please enjoy your visits, and keep checking back for new content

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